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I'm still experimenting and learning about SFX's so please bare with me.

Thank you.

Also if you wish to support me I have a Patreon page if you're interested.

Here's the link:

If I get enough support I can start updating twice a week!

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For someone who is still experimenting, you did a hell of a good job! I'm subscribing, so you better keep doing this comic.

Or I'll cry..but in a totally manly way.


Aah! Thank you for the subscribe! And don't worry I already have the first chapter fully drawn up and I'm working on Chapter 2 (I have up to 3 chapters written and the entire basic plot drafted!)

So I'm in this for the long haul!


subbed. awesome. you rock. btw your art looks really familiar (and amazing!) you have any other comics I might have seen around?


Thank you so much for the sub!

Really? Well I am known in quite a few pokémon OCT circles on Deviantart. There's End Run, Sixfold, Auroris and Dreamlabs are the 'biggest' ones I entered. Maybe you saw me on there?