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And that concludes Chapter 1!

All my buffer pages are gone now though, oops, next weeks update will be a chapter illustration page, and I plan to still update once a week so do not fret of me missing an update!

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Nice cliffhanger ending to a great first chapter! I require more now!!!!

(I understand that you can't give me that... it's the same reaction I have to TV shows I like.)


Haha I totally understand the feeling! I think everyone does and this comment has lifted my spirits a bit thank you!

Honestly, comments like these help me keep going (with the comic) in times where I feel like, it's no good or I'm no good at comicing, but I'm determined to see this story through dude! So thank you! *hugs*


Oh boy...a cliffhanger. I hate those! But you've got me hooked...can't wait to see what you have coming up!


Cliffhangers are evil but at least it wont be long for the update!

Also, MWAHAHAHA I have another person hooked >8D No but seriously I'm so glad you're enjoying this!


I think that this story looks so good, I already adore Bobby and I'm really interested in what is going to happen next.


I'm so happy you're interested in what's to come! And thank you for the compliment!

(Also I'm so happy people are liking Bobby ;v; )



VERY excellent start: we've got the main character's change needed for action to start, the core of the plot, multiple character introductions/ mentions . . . This is really fantastic. : ) Here's to chapter two!