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And page 1 of chapter 2!

I have no more buffer pages, I'm working on Page 2 for next week but I'm nervous about missing deadlines now.

So I will try my damnedest not to miss a deadline though!

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Aw. Is that him giving up his gun and badge? I hope his new job gives him *some* enjoyment...


Yep, that's his badge and gun.

And well things can only go up from here, right?


I really like the little montage at the top of the page-- just enough to fill in the blanks between chapters. He looks so happy in that second and third panel. ;-;

Good luck at your new job, Bobby! : O


I was scared the first three panels would be hard to understand that they're a time skip.

Drawing Bobby happy is honestly really nice UvU


Nice time-skip. You certainly handled the chapter transition a lot better than I did. Hats off to you!


Aaah I'm so glad, people realise it's a time transition oh man ;v;

Hehe transitions are REALLY difficult, just to get it JUST right y'know? Glad I pulled it off.