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And we're back!

I've got three pages buffered as back ups, managed to get the last page done in two days!

But here's today's update!

Also guys, should I make a tumblr blog for Bobby's Tale?

If you want to support me and the comic you can support me on my patreon here: PATREON

With your help I can start uploading my webcomic twice a week!

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Yay, you've got your buffer back! Nice work! I love how a lot of information is given here-- problems with "the luggage," relationships between Bobby's family, and so on-- without any info dump. The info comes naturally.

Methinks the luggage will be an issue. > >;


Oh the luggage [teddy] is always an issue with getting into trouble |D

Nah I know what you mean when you say that though. We'll have to see won't we?

And yes! I have my buffer back and I pray I don't loose it this time! I hope to get one page completed per week (Every 2 weeks at a maximum)

I'm glad the info comes naturally otherwise and that you're enjoying this!


Hooray! Poor kiddo. I hope they get into some shenanigans. It's good to see you back! Hope things are a bit better. :)


YAY!!!! I missed this comic!!!!
I should have you commission something for me, maybe a picture of bobby and Zeke, since you were around when Zeke existed.
But i have no money so i'll have to wait.
SO glad your back mate.
love and adore the art.


I'm glad to be back ;v; and glad you're still enjoying it!

Also thank you for the compliment!