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I've had to momentarily close my Patreon due to Vatmoss incident, which sucks but thank you regardless to those who have supported me thus far!

If you wish instead you can commission me! Just send an enquiry to and we can talk!

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Too bad about the Patreon. : / I find this conversation between Teddy and his nephew interesting, though; as an adult, Teddy fells like he should be talking down to him, tries, fails-- and is now being talked as an equal if not less by the nephew. Lovely dynamic!


The adult is Bobby, Teddy is the little kid. His baby brother. :'D

I really need to do the character page. Sorry.

I'm glad you like the dynamic though ;v;


The dynamic between Bobby and Teddy is quite nice, it's interesting to see how Bobby is dealing after losing is job, too. That's gotta be a lot tougher than he's letting on.

(I also love the green hair, such an awesome and identifiable family trait :D)


I'm glad you like the dynamic! I try my best to make sure it's not stiff, y'know? Also yeah...He's a bottler.

(This part REALLY made me giggle so much oh man. THE IRONIC part is the Dad doesn't have green hair, it's purely from their moms side! Plus I love the colour green so why not give them green hair?)

G.C. Kinsey

I just had a chance to read through the archive & get caught up on this comic, & I love it! Can't wait to see where things go. :)


8D I'm glad you like it! And I'm excited for when things start to ramp up, it's gonna get so fun!