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I just want to let you guys know now before we reach the end of this chapter in the next couple of pages, I will be putting Bobby's Tale on a 1-2 months maybe a little longer hiatus upon completion of Chapter 2.

The reasoning is multiple things. One this is my longest running project ever, nearly one year of a steadily updated comic. Two, I need to finalize the script for Chapter 3, three, I want to make some buffer pages for Chapter 3 and finally 4, I'm currently 'exhausted' due to a number of things and Bobby's Tale although I really enjoy it, isn't really helping much right now, so I will be taking that break for those following reasons.

I'll remind y'all of these updates on the next pages too, but if you want to be kept up to date about anything, you can find me at Patreon or Bobby's Tale Tumblr or my personal Tumblr

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Do what you need to do. : ) The comic pages you post are really high-quality, so they must thus suck up a lot of time.